Developing Female Leaders Book


what are we doing?


In partnership with Leadership Network and Harper-Collins Publishers, we are working to create a book (and potentially additional resources) that will help Christian leaders craft work and volunteer cultures that facilitate the development of women leaders. We are asking any women who lead, manage, organize, facilitate, volunteer or contribute in any way toward the ministry and effectiveness of their church to please share your story and experiences with us! We would love to learn from you and others and take that combined learning to help church leaders steward the giftedness and resources within their congregations to make an even greater impact.


why is this important?


Many churches and organizations are missing out on over half of their leadership and volunteer potential by not facilitating the development and deployment of women’s talents and abilities. Even those who want to develop young female leaders often have unfortunate cultural traditions and organizational systems that prevent maximizing their potential. Women are commonly left with the choice to either limit their potential, or go outside their church or volunteer organization for training and end up investing their skills elsewhere. This book will help churches and women find a way to win within their church or organization.




what this book is noT


This book is not a theological discussion or debate around a woman’s role in the church. This is simply to help leaders in churches and organizations who already want to leverage the gifts and abilities of women, know how to do so more effectively.


Who Is the Author?


Although Kadi Cole and her team are heading up this project, the authors of this book are really the women who take this survey and the high level female leaders who are generously giving their time to be interviewed and graciously sharing their stories and perspectives.

You can learn more about Kadi Cole and how she helps leaders and organizations at